Weight Loss Workout Plans for Women

Weight Loss Workout Plans for Women

Best Weight Loss Workout Plans for Women

Weight loss workout plans for women are surely needed if only a strict diet is not enough to help you build slim figure. Just keeping your calories intake cannot make you lose body fat fast, you will need physical exercise. These exercises are also recommended for those who don’t want to lose weight but just to keep a lean body. First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that no matter how much exercise you do, if you eat ridiculous amount of fatty foods, they will be in vain. For your workout plans, I would like to recommend you these two kinds of exercise which are proven effective to help women lose their weight. They are cardio exercises (also known as aerobic exercises) and weight training.

Weight Loss Workout Plans for Women: Cardio Exercises

Running must be the first thing that hits your mind after reading ‘cardio exercise’. But there are more cardio exercises you can try aside of running. Cardio is the most popular weight loss workout plans for women and a good choice to lose weight because it requires you plenty of physical activities. It helps you maintain your cardiovascular health and breaks a lot of sweat. It also helps you to relieve stress. There are some cardio exercises you can try if you are tired of running, such as bicycling, jumping rope, swimming, and aerobics. Riding bicycle is a fun exercise, especially if you do it outside in the morning since you can enjoy morning breeze while exercising. Jumping rope is easy to be done, only a rope and small space needed. Swimming is a favorite exercise done in the summer to escape the heat. And if you are tired of doing the same moves repeated, you can try aerobic dance with more variety of moves.

Weight Loss Workout Plans for Women: Weight Training

Weight training is not a popular exercise among women because they are afraid to have muscular body like a bodybuilder. Actually, weight training doesn’t only build muscle but also burn fat; which is worth a try for those who want to lose weight. While most women are too focused on doing cardio exercise, they do not realize that weight training has a benefit which cardio does not have. Building muscle helps you burn fat, but actually having muscle helps you burn fat. What does it mean? After having muscle tissues, your body will need approximately 50 calories to maintain a pound of body muscle. Meaning, doing nothing can also burn fat. Don’t you think weight training is a good choice as weight loss workout plans for women?

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