Vitamin D and Weight Loss:  A New Modern Myth?

Vitamin D and Weight Loss: A New Modern Myth?

The overweight body becomes a significant problem for modern people. No wonder the medical world concern to this issue. The latest study shows that there is connection between vitamin D and weight loss. Nowadays, vitamin D is popular for people who want to gain more weight loss.

What is the Connection between vitamin D and Weight Loss?

For decades, we only know that vitamin D only bring effects on bone health. However, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research learns that there are other hidden benefits behind Vitamin D on more areas, such as cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular health, and also weight loss.

The weight loss is depending on vitamin D repletion. The study shows that women whose blood levels rose tend to lose more weight, comparing to women whose the blood levels is still inadequate. The former ones lost averagely 19 pounds within 12 months. It is the same number with women joining in the placebo group. Besides taking Vitamin D, they also participated in low calorie diet and joined in an exercise program. As for the exercise program, they will do 45 minutes aerobic activity every day. You see now that there is connection between vitamin D and weight loss.

How to Take Supplement to Gain Vitamin D and Weight Loss?

This way, we should realize that gaining a weight loss requires us to check our D level. When you find you have an inadequacy D levels, there are several ways to have a vitamin D. You can take Vitamin D supplement. However, before taking vitamin D supplement, you should have your healthcare provider to check your D level. If it is low, you may take the D supplement. Simply keep it mind that you should recheck your D levels after 8 to 12 weeks in order maintaining the D level in average level. If the D level check shows that yours is normal, you may repeat the level checking every two years. The frequency can be less than 2 years when your overall health has some changes.

The next question is, what is the normal level of D vitamin in our body? Basically, there are several thoughts about it. National Institutes Health consider that the D level over 50 ng/mL is too high. In the same time, the other scientific and medical communities stand on their own normal standard, such as between 30 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL. However, the weight loss study suggests that the vitamin D repletion is around 32 ng/mL. You see, as long as you consider the rights dosage, you will gain more benefits from vitamin D and weight loss.

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