Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Teenage weight loss tips have been often sought for these last few years. As a result of modern lifestyle, there are a lot of teenagers who lack physical activities, leading them to obesity. This later leads to confidence and self esteem issues of the teenagers. Overweight teens are often teased, verbally abused and tortured by their peers, the normal weight teens. According to an obesity expert, kids who are overweight have similar quality of life to kids with chronic diseases like cancer. That is why overweight teens are at risk for depression, over anxiety, poor self esteem and image, and also social isolation. They feel unattractive and have problems on adapting with the others.

Teenage Weight Loss Tips: Cooperation of the Parents

Teens who are overweight struggle with verbal torture and abuse, this inflicted pain to them and probably is the major reason that leads them to the decision of losing weight. They are still too young to overcome the problem by themselves. They need help, from friends and family, especially from their parents. They need supportive parents, not the controlling and dominant one. The parents need to give their kids some space but enough to not make them feel abandoned. The parents can also seek professional or doctors help for more accurate teenage weight loss tips. Parents need to act as good role model so that kids will try to imitate the behavior. Try having exercise together along with the kids, for example. Another important thing that parents need to take care of the kids is nutrition. Introduce them to healthy and nutritious foods, take a note on what should or should not be taken in order to help their weight loss.

Teenage Weight Loss Tips: Do and Don’t

Although there are things that can be helped by parents, there are also things that can only be done by the kids themselves. It is impossible to have the parents keeping eye on them every time. Here are the things that should kept in mind: eat vegetable and fruits, exercise regularly, eat whole grains, drink more water, have enough sleep, get on the scale weekly. And a few things to avoid are fatty foods, soda, sugar, fast foods, and all high calorie foods. It will be great to find a hobby on sports that will help on burning fat like basketball, swimming, yoga and many more. Be sure to remember all these teenage weight loss tips.

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