juicer recipes for weight loss

juicer recipes for weight loss

Simple Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

If you are on diet program, of course you have to prepare and make some special menus for your diet. It’s because on diet, you can take any foods and drinks free. You have to choose some healthy foods and drinks with low calories. So, you have to know about recipes for diet.

Other recipes of diet menu can be fruity juices. You can check about that in this article. It’s because this article will give you the information about diet menu which can help your diet program. Check it out!

This diet menu is about juicer recipes for weight loss. Some vegetables and fruits which contain many fibers will be the main ingredients in this menu. There are some good juices to help your weight loss. Here are recipes about carrot and orange juices for diet program. Keep reading here!

Carrot and Orange Juices- Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

First, you have to prepare the ingredients. Those ingredients are a tomato, an orange, an apple, and 4 carrots. After that, you have to wash and peel those fruits cleanly. You can slice those fruits firstly so those fruits are easy to be blended. You also can add ice cubes if you want.

Then, you can blend those fruits by blender. You only need to make that juice like usually common juice. But you have to note this, don’t add sugar or honey. It’s because this is juice for diet program. Let your body consume natural sweet taste by those fruits.

Nutrition of Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss Above

This fruity juice contains 111 calories, 24 gram carbohydrates, and 1 gram fibers. Besides that, it also has 38 milligrams sodium and 434 milligrams potassium. The main point for you, this juice is free from fat, cholesterol, and sugar.

Meanwhile for the vitamins, this juice contains 339% of vitamin A and 66% of vitamin C. As somebody knows that carrot, orange, apple, and tomato are good fruit and vegetable combination for losing fat in our body. It’s because those fruits have rich nutrition.

Talking about carrot, actually it’s one of best fruits for your weight loss program. There is a diet program called carrot diet. It means someone who takes that diet only can consume any fruits with vitamin A. Carrot only contains 25 calories with 0.15 gram fat.

Meanwhile for orange, it is known as the booster and best fruit for losing your weight. Even, there are some people who lost 4 pounds of their weight only because of consuming oranges on 2 days. This fruit has rich vitamin C and minerals. So, it can fulfill your energy necessary. Finally, you can try these simple juicer recipes for weight loss.

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