John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodman weight loss is one of the most successful weight loss stories among celebrities. John Goodman had been battling with obesity for ten years. Because of his overweight body, he had a role as , which he later realized that he hate how he looked in that movie. His overweight case was a serious one, and he even had been told by doctors that he could not last for long if he didn’t lose weight. Because of that, he went on a yoyo diet which was rather ineffective before finally found a diet that really worked.

John Goodman Weight Loss: Source of Motivation

He stated in one of his interview, that he realized how much unhappy he was after seeing his self in Santa Clause movie. He admitted that losing weight has always been in his back of mind. However, he could not cut off the habits of shoving whatever foods he wanted. He just gave in and ate what he wanted, which made his body worse. He also admitted that he was alcoholic. After the realization, he went to a man named Mackie Shilstone in New Orleans. Mackie Shilstone, a health coach who has trained many athletes including tennis player Serena Williams, later became his personal trainer. Mackie Shilstone is the key to John Goodman weight loss. Then, Shilstone together with Goodman set up a medical program to lose weight. John Goodman said that after working out the program, he lost about 70 pounds of weight and went on to do a movie. He still maintained the workout routine at that time, but was also still drinking. After getting arthritic knees in Germany and came back motivated for real.

John Goodman Weight Loss: How He Lost All the Weight

There was a rumor about John Goodman having undergone gastric bypass surgery. It is a surgery that reduces food capacity of the stomach, so that one feels full faster than usual with smaller amount of foods. However, this rumor was never proved true. John Goodman revealed that he let go of his alcohol addiction and that was the major reason on how losing weight is possible for him. He said that he would do exercises six days every week to keep stress at bay, because stress is what made him keep on eating and drinking. He did a lot of cardio exercises at home, like elliptical and recumbent bike. He also did strength training with resistance bands to help build muscle, along with boxing twice a week. Cutting out sugar from diet and eating vegetables also helped John Goodman weight loss.

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