Healthy Weight Loss per Week

Healthy Weight Loss per Week

Healthy weight loss per week as health professionals told is one or two pounds per week. However, there are often cases happening where we need to lose weight for an important event that is only a week away. Of course then, we desperately seek for a quick solution to lose as many pounds as possible in a week. There are many weight loss centers out there with sweet promises that they will help you lose a few pounds a week.

Is that possible? A few people might succeed but you need to keep this on your mind, losing weight very quickly can be dangerous. Consuming diet pills can sometimes be effective or ineffective, in worst case; it can deteriorate your health and eventually brings life threatening results.

So What Should Be Done in Order to succeed Healthy Weight Loss per Week?

The healthiest way begins from your food intake. You should not only be concerned on low calorie diet, but more to healthy and beneficial foods for your body. Sometimes low calorie things are not healthy, for example diet coke. You also should pay attention to carbohydrate and fat content in your food. Try to eat vegetables and fruit as much as you can because there is a study that proves subtracting foods rarely brings weight loss result, but adding vegetables and fruits to your daily diet surprisingly takes effect. Just maintaining a healthy diet cannot give you a successful healthy weight loss per week, unfortunately.

If you want to lose weight fast, you need to create energy deficit. It means you need to make your calories intake lower than the calories that you burn. Perhaps you want to starve yourself so that there will be no calorie taken, so your body will be in deficit state. It is highly prohibited, because it is considered unsafe. You can faint when there is no nutrition supply to your body. You still need to eat, just do more exercise to increase calories you burn.

Exercise for Healthy Weight Loss per Week

Any kind of exercise is okay to help you lose weight. The most popular exercise is cardio, especially running. Running is easy to be done since you don’t need additional equipment and can be done indoor (with a treadmill) or outdoor. Weight training is also popular, especially for men. Weight training is more beneficial because not only it builds muscle after burning fat, the muscles built also help you burn more calories even if you do nothing. Weight training is perfect for those who want constant healthy weight loss per week.

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