Having extreme fast weight loss for your reference

Having extreme fast weight loss for your reference

There are countless extreme fast weight loss programs, claiming that it works for everyone. However, you should choose sustainable and healthy path in conducting your weight loss program. But, how about having extreme fat loss in emergency situation, such as for Mix Martial Arts (MMA) or boxing athletes. For your information, boxing or MMA categories are divided based on weight categories, such as middle weight (170-180 pounds) and heavy weight (over 200 pounds). In fact, most athletes can be overweight in their daily activities and have sudden descending weight around 1 up to 2 weeks before their competition. However, as previously mentioned, this is not suggested for sustainable healthy diet and too much extreme diet may jeopardize your health.

Decreasing calories intake as your extreme fast weight loss.

Human body consists of approximately 60% up to 70% liquid. Water has been important to your general health and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Nonetheless, limiting your water intake can be important factors to cut your weight. Hence, cutting your amount of carbohydrates is necessary. Carbohydrate is your main source of energies but it can boost your weight in the other hand. It includes limiting sugar and sweet foods and beverages. Salty food is also prohibited in this case. Salt contains ingredients that can stimulate your appetite or strong will to eat. It is suggested to eat protein foods, such as meat and eggs. However, bacon and sausage are prohibited since it contains salty ingredients.

Having weight-lifting and cardio workout during your extreme fast weight loss

Weight lifting can burn many calories since it pushes you to procure energies. Having bench press, squat and other workouts may help you to decrease your weight faster. However, keep in mind that you still need to limit your water intake. Unlike cardio workout, weight lifting does not get you easily dehydrated. Hence, sitting in the sauna after your workout can help you to cut more weights. You will perspire far more and burn more and more calories even after your workout. Currently, infrared sauna is a popular way to cut your fats.


The infrared can penetrate deeper to your skin and release your fat. As previously mentioned, this cannot be a long term weight loss program. You should get your intake back to keep you healthy, especially water consumption. Thus, the first thing you need to do is drink much. This can restore your energy after extreme fast weight loss.

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