Chia Seeds for Weight Loss: A Precious Inheritage

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss: A Precious Inheritage

Chia seeds for weight loss is popular in our society. In its tiny shape, it has plenty of benefits on human healthy. As a origin nature in America, Chia seeds is proven having many benefits in Mayan and Aztecs society. Fortunately, this healthiest food in the world can be inherited to modern life.

The Fiber containing in Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

In every ounce or 2 tablespoons of chia seeds contain 11 gr fiber, 4gr protein, 9 gr fat with 5 gr of it are Omega-3, 18% calcium, 30% manganese, 30% magnesium, 27% phosphorus,and zinc, niacin or Vitamin B3, Pottasium, thiamine or vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Ccontaining great fiber, chia seeds is basically grown in organic way. It is also free gluten. That is why we should agree to take chia seeds for having a thinner body. Chia seeds are also full of Antioxidant. They will protect the sensitive fat in your body from going worse. As you may know, getting an antioxidants from natural plants is always better than from supplement one.

There is also an interesting fact about the chia seeds. The chia seed’s carb takes form of fiber. Each ounce of chia seeds contains 12 g carbs. In the same time, the 11 grams are fiber. The body will not digest the fiber. And, the 1 gr left is very low to cause an obesity. The fiber contributes to the weight loss. Due to its fiber, the seeds can absorb until 12 times the weight inside water. Then it will turn into a gel-like. That is why after consuming the chia seeds, one can feel so full without eating more foods. This is why you can eat less calories by consuming the chia seeds. Besides making the stomach fuller, the fiber is also consumed by good bacterias in the intestine. This way, your digestion will stay healthy. Since it consists of 40% fiber, no wonder that chia seeds become popular among people concerning to their weight loss outside.

Qualified Protein in Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Another compound in Chia seeds we need to rely on for the weight loss is its protein. Chia seeds for weight loss may contain 14% protein. It is a very high percentage comparing to any other plants. The high percentage of protein intake contributes to the appetite decreasing. It can also reduce the obsessive thought of food. This is why you should try the Chia seeds for weight loss. It is save and healthy to try.

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