Best Protein Shakes & Extreme Weight Loss Meal Plan

Best Protein Shakes & Extreme Weight Loss Meal Plan

Extreme weight loss meal plan is one of steps to get your weight loss on short period. It can make you lose 10 kg of your weight per week or 2 weeks. That program has extreme way like you are only allowed to consume 800 calories for ten days.
One of extreme diet programs is K-E diet. It’s short form of Ketogenic Enternal. On this program, you only can consume the nutrition like fat, protein, and mineral by an infusion tube. This way is used to change your food nutrition for ten days. This extreme diet program can help you to lose 10 kg of your weight only for ten days.
Although extreme diet program is so simple and fast, it has negative effects for your body. If you want to know about those negative effects, you have to read this article. It’s because this article will give you some information about negative effects of extreme diet program.
Extreme Weight Loss Meal Plan Giving You Psychological Problem

Extreme diet can make psychological problem for you. It’s because you have to change your food plan extremely. So, between your mind and your body cannot adapt that new condition. You will get stress or depression to face this condition. Besides that, it also make your mind cannot adapt with new shape of your body.
Eating Disorder because of Extreme Weight Loss Meal Plan
Eating disorder is one of eating problem for dietarian. It is caused by psychological problem in our mind when we are on diet process. This eating problem comes from our emotional condition which influences our normal habit. Our normal food portion is changed drastically byextreme weight loss meal plan.
Besides that, extreme diet also can make someone’s dying. It’s because when someone takes extreme diet, he or she will not get good nutrition. They cannot get the nutrition necessary in their body so they also tend to get kidney disease.
As The Renfew Foundation made a research, this research proofs that many of extreme dietarian gets eating disorder. Most of them are women of productive age. They all get eating disorder because of their psychological problem.
So, actually you can lose your weight by healthy diet. When you take diet program, you also have to consider about your nutrition and calories necessary. You can do it by making a limit for your fat consuming and increasing complex carbohydrate in your foods.
Besides that, healthy diet can be done by consuming 2 liters of plain water per day and doing exercises regularly. So, consider any effects before you take extreme weight loss meal plan!
Whey Protein: Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss
Best protein shakes for weight loss is good for you who take diet program. Somebody who lives in metropolitan city doesn’t have good time for eating. Sometimes, they tend to consume fast food or junk food which is not healthy for them. So, obesity becomes the big problem for metropolitan citizens. They also cannot spend much time to do exercise. So, we can say that they have unhealthy lifestyle.
Because of unhealthy lifestyle, somebody will get any diseases of obesity like heart attack, stroke, cholesterol, etc. Taking diet program is one of best ways for them to avoid obesity. But, best diet for them should be healthy diet. If they cannot manage their food portion, they can consume whey protein.
Whey protein is best protein source for dietarian. It can supply your protein necessary every day. Protein is good nutrition for your muscle and for sustaining your metabolism system. If your metabolism system works well, fat in your body will be changed to be energy. So, consuming whey protein is good for you who take diet program.
Why Choose Whey Protein as Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss?

Whey protein is best protein shakes for weight loss because it contains of natural ingredients. The ingredients are from pure whey and natural ingredients. This product is effective supplement for your muscle growth. It can help your body to absorb protein well. So, it’s best choice for you who want to combine that product with fruits and vegetables.
Besides that, it’s good choice for you who don’t have much time to make healthy food. Making this drink is so easy. You only have to mix it with milk or soy powder. You also can use cold water for drinking it. If you want to have another taste, you can add some fruits like banana and mango to your drink.
Whey protein is also provided in 2 flavors, chocolate and strawberry. So, it’s good for you who don’t like vanilla flavor. It also can help you to avoid AIDS and cancer virus.
The Right Time to Consume Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss
The right time for you to consuming whey protein is when you just wake up in the morning. When you wake up at that time, of course you feel so hungry. Your body really needs protein to supply energy. You also can consume it 40 minutes before you do exercise. Whey protein contains of high amino acid that can help your muscle growth. So, this is your time to start consuming whey protein, best protein shakes for weight loss.

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